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Garden Lovers & Enthusiasts

Gardening has been my passion for a life time since my parents allotted me a plot when I was four years old. I can feel the very soul of the world in the garden, it soothes you, exhausts you and it always comes back again each spring with all it’s surprises and astonishing beauty. I just simply adore gardens .

Leicestershire, Rutland and Nottinghamshire have many very wonderful Gardens and Nurseries all tucked away just waiting to be explored. If like me you like nothing more than visiting Gardens then come and stay at Woody Lodge and we will point you in the right direction or even try to help organise your visits. Tea shops too, a must of course to sustain you on your plant hunt.
For me, a perfect day out! 

Your host ... Lin.

Here are a few to mention in our area. Some you may have seen on TV such as the 8 acres used by the BBC for Gardeners World at Barnsdale, Exton, Near Oakham. Home of the late Geoff Hamilton.